"Who doesn't love a good mystery? I am glad I downloaded this book. Enjoyed this very much and very well written."

Timothy K.




Shortly after Jaden awakens the next morning, the separation from the truth goes rapidly inevitable. He finds himself naked next to a stranger with no recollection of the events that brought him here from the night before and is conflicted by his past relationship. Mac, the object of his desire whom he can’t forget, is the reason for his faulty perceptions. After all, Dane, Mac’s ex of five years, is responsible for the misery he is in.

Set in a Seattle neighborhood, where Jaden is accompanied by friends to help him prioritize his mind and get his life back together. Yet a single run in with his past brings back everything he has tried to forget, leaving him mystified soon after a revelation of Mac’s predicament.

Unprepared for the terrible secrets and lies, a series of events only brings a heartbreaking outcome, as fragments of his memory slowly return of that evening and the discovery of the man behind it. Meanwhile, a psychotic stalker is after Jaden with a dangerous agenda. between the life he’s trying to lead and a complicated past, the very episodic nature of his memory may finally be the clue to seeing the truth of his existence.

The first EPISODES OF JADEN MYSTERY SERIES, examines the dark side of the gay community. Experience an awakening moment as he faces life-lessons in the world of lust, love, and loss. Based on true events and original blogs from EPISODESOFJADEN.COM

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