It’s quite possible that this book has yet to land on your lap. I actually had a tough time finding the right copy and Amazon only had one version. It was either ”The Revisited” or ”The Original” and I ended up getting the latter since I heard it through the grapevine that its a much better copy, minus all the errors from publication. But the topic here is not really about which version to get since they’re practically the same story: Boy falls hard for a bad apple and that bad apple has been rotting along with a side of worm that creeps, stalks, and sucks the living out of Jaden. Why is this boy so drawn to this bad fruit? I am, as well, still trying to figure that out. Meanwhile, the boy possibly had poisoning because he can’t remember… I’ll stop the metaphor from there and just let you read the book. Don’t what to give out spoilers.

Finished the book? Read that part in Episode 22 about the nightmare? If you’re there, then you can continue reading and I can finally share some of the theories I have about the book.

The image above helps us sort out the mystery of EOJ. Reading the excerpt (see below):

”…men dressed in black grabbed me from the backseat and shoved me into a dark red room that had repeated writings on the wall of names. These walls were covered with Polaroid pictures of random strangers leading to two white doors side by side. One door had written on it Past and the other Future, both written in red ink. Doors swung open, and it was a man in a black trench coat walking out of Future and Mac walking out of Past. Neither of them had any expression on their faces. They just stood there in spooky silence.”

Excerpt From EPISODES OF JADEN By J. Hamilton

…got me thinking about the objects in his nightmare —since these items represent its true meaning and possibly a clue to what we can expect in Book Two. Thanks to dream dictionary, I think we have this story down. Here are some of my theories based on the items presented in the nightmare:

  1. Red Room – I think the color may be on to something. What does red mean in dreams? Intense, sexual tension, feeling the need to feel assertive or forceful or even having inflammation or injury. This could be a sign of trouble for Jaden, knowing his fate with Mac, this may lead to something sinister. Or possibly explain why he suffers from PTSD.
  2. Two White Doors – I am no expert, but white door represents as a gateway to our deepest emotions, childhood dreams and the purest part of our soul that remains untouched. Now if you recall throughout the book, Jaden mentions his childhood past with Jeremy. This could only mean that the book will likely explore more on his death and what really happened.
  3. Pictures On Wall – It’s been said that if you dream of a hanging picture on a wall, it is possible you could be the victim of deception in your waking life. We slowly learn that Jaden is the victim in the book, but what we don’t yet understand is the reason why he’s being deceived. Maybe the next book will focus on the realization of this and he, in turn, will fight back.

Well, there goes my theories so far on what to except on the second installment. I hope you enjoyed it. So what theories do you have about EOJ 2?



Ryan Jones is a Journalist for a local Seattle Newspaper. He is a lifelong advocate for the LGBT 
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